First, we are here to help Canadian importers and exporters of all sizes. Whether you buy our services or not. It is our passion. 

We are highly specialized, boutique Canada customs duty recovery and customs compliance firm in Toronto, Canada. With over eighteen years of Canadian customs compliance experience. We are fully licensed, certified, and bonded by Canada Customs-CBSA. We work in tandem with CBSA (Canada Customs) and have a healthy relationship with CBSA.

The message from the founder Tariq Shaikh, CTCS, CBSA Lic, CCS (CND&US) – Canada Customs compliance and HS tariff classification are highly complex and are constantly changing. I live day in and day out in Canada Customs compliance and HS classification activities for over eighteen years, have dealt with virtually all levels of Canada Customs complexities involved in imports and exports. Have exposure to thousands of worldwide customs rulings and hundreds of Canadian customs court cases. 

If you are a Canadian importer or exporter, you need my services! We serve all levels of Canadian importers/exporters, from SMEs to large multi-national entities. Over the years I have successfully recovered overpaid customs duties in millions for importers like you, also, helped them successfully resolve countless Canada customs complex issues. Reach out to me if you have any doubt that you are paying more in customs duties than what you should be paying (on an average 20 to 30% of imported goods are misclassified) or have any Canada Customs compliance questions, concern, or need clarification on CBSA operational policies. I will be pleased to assist you.

I am certified and licensed customs broker by Canada Border Services Agency-CBSA (there are less than 300 licenses issued by CBSA all over Canada), designated CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist), CCS (Canada and US); with over 18 years of Canadian Customs Compliance industry experience. Specialize in the areas of Customs duty refunds through Canadian Tariff HS re-classification, Valuation, Origin, NAFTA, Free Trade Agreements, OGD, and government sponsored Trade Incentives Programs available to Canadian Importers, which includes Canadian Duty Drawbacks.

Dear Canadian importers, we are different, our primary goal is to bring comprehensive comfort to your mind as an importer in relation to Canada customs compliance and paying least legally possible customs duties. We do not distract our self by offering other services (freight forwarding), so that we can only focus on the services where we are highly proficient – Customs Compliance, duty-recovery, and clearance of goods!